EMAY (HK) LIMITED was established with the aim to provide excellent product experience to our customers. We started with selecting the most innovative products and distributing them to our customer in various channels. 

During the years of business, we were very close to our end customers and very humble to hear from them, which made us know the PROs and CONs of our products better. All the customer voices urge us into making our products better and better. On the other hand, our cooperation relationship with our partners became closer and closer, which built a strong base for reliable quality and quick reaction to customer feedbacks. 

To better serve our customers and further improve our products and service, our team grew quickly. What’s most important was that we built our technical team including our own designers, hardware and software engineers, testing group etc. Excellent purchasing, sales and after sales service team were also the keys to our development. 


The world changes quickly, our primary aim will not change - provide the innovative and reliable products to you. Welcome to join.

EMAY - Everything is made for you

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